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Print Credit


Most of my sessions come with a print credit.

You may be thinking, what is a print credit?

When you see that print credit included in your session fee, consider it to be the equivalent of a coupon (but like... a classy coupon) that you will be able to apply to your print order.

When you see your photos from the shoot for the first time. You will be trying to decide which images you want to print to hang on the wall or give to family members. You will subtract the value of the print credit from the price of the product(s) that you decide to purchase. Maybe you decide that you aren't interested in a print product, but you want more digital files. You can put that print credit towards purchasing additional digital files as well. Whatever you choose to purchase, the print credit will be put towards the total cost of all the items you are purchasing, be they print or digital in nature.

Sample Order-

Your session comes with a $100 print credit.

Image #200- 1/11x14- $40

Image# 205- 1/8x10- $20

Image # 209- 1/5x7-$15

Image #201-1/5x7-$15

Image #225- 1/4x6-$10

Order Subtotal: $100

(print credit) -$100

Total Due: $0.00

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